10 YouTube Channels to Follow When You Have Baby Fever

9FE66B92-6009-49C6-BF32-60DFC563ECD1Have you and your hubby been talking about wanting children? Maybe you’re single, but when you see a baby nearby, you want to hold it and love it and have one of your own. That is where I’ve been for the last few years. On Pinterest, I pin all kinds of baby things that I want eventually for my own. I down the baby aisle at the store, and can’t seem to find my way out… And now that my husband and I are officially married, we’re trying for our own! Which I will be keeping you guys updated on 🙂

While in this waiting period, I have been watching a ton of YouTubers who have shared every part of their pregnancy from dpo (days past ovulation) symptoms to getting their BFP (BIG FAT POSITIVE) and telling their husbands! (Which is the sweetest thing to watch!)

Honestly, these get addictive, and I’ve stayed up for hours watching one video after another. I just love seeing a couple’s happiness about starting a family together, and then seeing the adorable little baby when it’s finally here.

So, if you have baby fever like I do, and have some free time on your hands (and tissues nearby), then check out these YouTubers!

  1.  Milena Ciciotti– She’s a young Christian woman who started her channel about 2 years ago. She’s hilarious and down-to-earth. There’s not a video of hers I don’t like! She makes videos about faith, makeup and life updates! She just recently had her sweet little girl and gave us updates through the whole pregnancy. You’ll want to subscribe right away so you don’t miss a thing!
  2. The ACE Family– I didn’t realize how popular this channel was until I saw how many subscribers they had (Over 15M!). And for good reason! They have been around for quite some time now, and have some super entertaining videos. They keep us updated about all of their family adventures. You’ll feel like you’ve known them your whole life after just one video. They also just recently had their second baby, and shared all about the pregnancy.
  3. Tres Chic Mama – I subscribed to Hayley’s channel just the other day after seeing her video on DPO symptoms before finding out she was pregnant. She’s funny and so relatable. She vlogs about beauty, baby updates, routines, and plenty of Day in the Life videos. Love her!
  4. 2M Media– This channel posts TONS of different kinds of compilation videos from funny animals, fails, babies, and best of all..pregnancy reactions! They will have you laughing, crying and planning out your own future pregnancy announcements. They are just some of the sweetest videos to watch. I love seeing husbands and families so supportive and so excited!
  5. Aspyn Ovard– I have been following Aspyn for a couple of years now and am obsessed with her life! She’s a type A, determined new mama who has made an amazing life for her and her husband with her YouTube channel. She vlogs about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and basically just anything interesting that comes up in her life. She’s very much an open book and is always looking to get her viewers content that they will love! She is about 13 weeks pregnant now and is now sharing her journey which has been exciting. If you are a female, you will love her channel!
  6. Avi and Lito Steen– A Christian couple who has shared some very difficult, personal parts of their life. They went through a miscarriage a while back, and took some time to heal through it. But they shared their feelings about it and updates from life anyway. If you have gone through a miscarriage yourself, I think this is a great channel to watch. They also share DPO symptoms leading up to BFP, so if you’re symptom spotting right now, you’ve got to check these out!

A few others I will just share the names of that you can go check out who share some similar material:

Dani Lauren

Kendra Atkins

Sarah’s Day

LK Reality TV

I hope you enjoy your new YouTube addictions! 😝 Let me know what you think of these channels and if there are any that you watch that aren’t on this list!

Thanks so much for reading. Subscribe for updates on new posts and announcements!


2 thoughts on “10 YouTube Channels to Follow When You Have Baby Fever

  1. This list is awesome! I am going to check them out for sure. I’m past the baby making days but it is fun to watch others go through it for the first time.


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