Fun Family Night Ideas

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My husband and I talk all the time about the many things we can’t wait to do when we have our kids. This may be an unpopular choice, but are going to set a certain age for our children to be able to get a smartphone or tablet. We don’t want them on electronics all throughout the day. Family nights are something we’d love to have as often as possible!

If you’re looking for some fun, wholesome ideas for your own family nights, look no further!

Here is my list of    fun family night ideas

1. Movie Marathon-

Okay, so I put this one first because I feel like we all love a good movie marathon now and again. It can difficult to find appropriate kid-friendly movies that are also entertaining for adults, so I did some researching and found a site that I LOVE! It is called PureFlix (Get it? Netflix but with PURE content :D) If you haven’t heard of it you are missing out. One of the things I seriously admire and appreciate about Pure Flix is that they strive to be the most trusted faith and family-friendly video-streaming source on the web.

They have a mix of family-friendly and wholesome entertainment including movies for all ages, kid’s animated titles, documentaries, how-to’s, hobbies, educational, health and fitness, sports, outdoors and travel plus many inspirational and devotional titles, all streamed directly to PC’s, iPhones and Androids, or download the app to your Smart TV and watch them there! So many options for movie nights!

If this sounds like something you’d love to try out, click here to sign up for a free month trial! Your family will thank you for it 😀

2. Ice Cream Sunday Bar

I used to be an ice cream fanatic! When I was younger, I loved adding all kinds of crazy treats to my sundaes. So, I can’t wait until we have children and they are old enough for this. You can go ALL OUT, the more colorful, the better! Now, I understand that not everyone is okay with giving sugar to their kids, and that is perfectly fine! This option won’t be for you. We will not be giving our kids a ton of sugar either, we plan to not even have many sugary options around the house, so it’s not a temptation. But once in a great while, I’d love to give them an extra special treat.

Throw in some fruit loops or their favorite cereal, maybe some oreos or peanut butter cups, drizzle raspberry sauce, hot fudge or marshmallow. And plenty of sprinkles! Just leave around some options for them to add and create their own Sundae masterpiece. I would recommend maybe doing this earlier in the day though (depending on their age) and in a very small cup…so you don’t have crazy hyper munchkins running all over the house at bedtime!

3. Stargazing

Lay down some sleeping bags in the backyard, and gaze at the stars. Maybe do a little research beforehand about some of the constellations so that you can all seek them out together and learn more about them!

4. Game Night

My family actually still does this. I used to LOVE our family game nights. We’d play all kinds of things from cards to charades to mad libs. Uno is our all time favorite game to play these days. It can get competitive, but it’s a ton of fun for everyone. Find which games your family is into, set a certain day that works for everyone’s schedules, and stick to it! From our experience, it keeps everyone close, even when they’re all moved away and starting their own lives. I just think it’s such a great tradition for families to start.

5. Backyard Camping

Set up a tent in your back yard, lay out a TON of comfy blankets and pillows, pop some popcorn or your family’s favorite snacks, grab the marshmallows and chocolate, and head outside for a night of camping. If you have a fire pit, roasting marshmallows and making smore’s is always a fun addition! If someone knows how to play the guitar, get them out there playing some campfire songs. Tell stories. Make this a no electronics zone like it would be if you were out camping in the woods. Just take this time to relax with your family and bond.

6. Glow Stick/Dance Party

If you have young ones, this may actually be a good way to get them tired out faster in time for bed! In the early evening, when the sun is going down, turn on some upbeat music that your kids will love, and break out some glow sticks. Turn the lights off and watch them be in awe!

7. Fondue Night

Because fondue is amazing.

8. Decorate Cookies

Buy a few cookie frostings and writers and sprinkles. Lay out all of the fun supplies, and watch your kids light up! This one will be a little messy…so just make sure it’s over an easy-to-clean surface. You and your spouse will likely enjoy the heck out of this one too. I mean, its cookies! Who wouldn’t 😀

9. Watch the Sunset

So beautiful!

10. Build a Blanket Fort

Hey, you can have your movie marathon in a blanket fort to make it that much more fun. Everyone help build it together. Try to use the longest blankets you have for this so they won’t keep falling down! This just kind of changes things up from just laying on the couch. And it’s super cozy!


I hope you enjoyed this list. Let me know if you plan to use any of these ideas for your family, or what other things that you and your family do!

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