Christmas Gift Guide 2018 FOR HER


Christmas shopping can be just downright stressful sometimes. It can be difficult to know what people would like or need! So we put off our shopping until the last minute, and get overwhelmed as the day gets closer!

And what happens when we’re out of ideas? We head over to the gift cards. Let me say now that there’s nothing wrong with getting gift cards for someone! Especially if you know they go to a certain place often, that could be a great gift. But, I personally feel that they are just too impersonal of a gift for family members and close friends.

So if you’re looking for some thoughtful, affordable gift ideas for the women in your life, then keep reading further!


  1. Bath Bombs



What woman doesn’t love a good bath bomb? From the moisturizing oils that fill the tub, the pretty colors and fizzy show we get to watch, to our favorite scents that fill the air and put us in whatever mood we desire, there is something about bath bombs that say “this is me time”.

Women are naturally givers. Constantly doing more for others. Many times, we tend to put our own wants and needs to the side because of it. So, this is a great time to show the women in your life how much they mean to you, by giving them the gift of “me time”. I can assure you that a gift like this will be well received.

You can either DIY your bath bombs if you like getting craft, purchase them at the store, or buy them handmade and customized from sites like Etsy! Either way, you can’t go wrong with this gift. I personally love to get creative and make bath bombs to give as gifts. If you’re interested, click here and here to check a couple of them out. You can totally customize them for your loved ones and even add a tag with a message!

If you’re looking to make your own gift basket of goodies, keep reading on for more ideas!

2. Body Scrubs


This is another great gift for any woman! If you don’t know what body scrubs are, they are a product used to exfoliate and renew skin. Normally they are made up of sugar or salts and oils that make your skin soft and smooth! You can also add essential oils and flower petals/buds for even more health benefits.

Around the Holidays, there are some really great scrubs out there geared towards those who love the smells of Christmas! Sugar cookies, candy canes, hot chocolate!!

I’ve also made some of my own scrubs and given them as gifts. Scrubs are always a big hit! I recently put up some Peppermint Patty Sugar Scrubs on my site that smell SO good! I love adding some holiday ribbon, a little wooden spoon for application and cute personalized gift tags. It just makes the gift that much more special! If you’d like to check them out, click here.

3. Hot Cocoa in a Jar

130ef4f5faf72ad1f7a1356a22de3ede (I got this picture off the internet, it is not my own)

If you’re not having hot chocolate on a cold Winter night, then you’re not doing the season right! There’s just something about the warmth and sweet aroma of hot chocolate on a bitter cold day that just makes sense. So, although it may seem like a simple gift, you can get creative with this one and I guarantee your loved one will be making use of this gift REAL quick.

Hot cocoa in a jar is such a sweet gift (pun intended), and this is another that you can personalize with cute packaging and gift tags or labels! Even if you’re not very crafty, you can purchase one! If you’re looking to find where to purchase, I actually sell them on my shop if you’d like to check it out! Just click here. But even just the set up of each ingredient being leveled in a jar makes for lovely decoration. Add a hand written card, package it up and you’ve got yourself a great Christmas gift that anyone will love!


4. Bottle of Wine

3-Beautiful-Handmade-Wine-Bottle-Gift-Wrap-Ideas_642x640(Picture from

This one is great for any adult woman (especially moms)! As long as she is of age, wine is always a lovely, and pretty practical gift. How many women do you know of that appreciate a good glass of wine every now and then to relax after a long day? Most likely, a lot. This gift is a safe option, especially for those that you may not know very well. Unless she is not able to have alcohol (which you should probably make sure of first), this is a great option for anyone.

You can even get a nice gift box or bag to wrap the bottle in. And if you order online, there are some sites that will personalize the bottle for you with a message or name of the recipient! Check out sites like this one if you’d like to go that route!

5. Tea Sets



If you know a tea lover, you’ve got to do this one! There are sites like this that offer quality tea for any occasion and they’re even able to gift wrap your package for you! Decaffeinated tea is always nice in the Winter when settling down for bed. There are a ton of health benefits from tea, and the warm steam is sure to leave your loved one feeling cozy and at peace. They’ll definitely remember that you were the one to give them such a delightful gift this Christmas.

6. Monthly Subscription Box

A monthly subscription box like Birchbox or FabFitFun are great for lovers of all things beauty. They are perfect for someone who enjoys makeup, skincare and haircare. Basically, each month they will get a cute box at their door with some different beauty products. You can choose to pick what they will send you, or be surprised! I love being surprised because it’s like Christmas every time you get the box from the mail!

7. Polaroid Camera

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This is a gift any teenage girl or young adult will LOVE. With social media taking over, everyone is looking into the best ways to make the pictures they post STAND OUT. Polaroids made a comeback a few years back and are still going strong! Along with their vintage feel, the fact that the pictures are printed out immediately are new and intriguing for young people who are used to their pictures being mostly digital and online!

8. Throw Blankets

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So this one is just a given. Every female ever loves throw blankets. We get cold. Easily. And there’s SO many comfy, fluffy throw blankets that make us feel like we’re floating in a cloud when all bundled up. You can get some ultra soft throw blankets at Walmart for super cheap right now! This gift is just needed. Like forget all of the others I told you about. Go get one of these for everyone and call it day!

9. Coffee Cup

For the coffee lover in your life, I can guarantee this gift will be a major hit. All of us love a nice cup with relatable sayings and quotes. They hold our favorite drink, and they’re Instagram worthy. What better gift is there?

10. Tumbler Cup

Like the coffee cup, tumblers are super popular these days. Everyone seems to have at least one. But it is a gift that never gets old! This is for not just coffee lovers, but really anyone who may have work or goes to the gym early and needs to take their breakfast to go!

11. Fluffy Pillows

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with fluffy pillows. If I could fill my bed with them and sleep like that, I would. Whether they are decorative, for sleep, or body pillows, this is a gift that will be used often! Keep in mind those that may have a significant other that works overnights (like myself), or a college student who is getting stressed from all their homework assignments and just needs to cuddle something. Fluffy pillows are always the answer.

12. Phone Ring Light

44df38dd-c763-4023-824f-63c1dcda80d6_1.f040fe4980b96da1f64ad75051a9f573 (Picture from

It’s difficult these days to get your posts noticed on social media because of all of these new algorithms. As many of you probably know already, having bright, clear, awesome pictures makes a HUGE difference in how much traffic we get to our sites and pages. So for your fellow blogger, vlogger, small online business owner, or anyone else who uses social media for their work, a phone ring light is a serious life saver! They make pictures come out so much brighter and super crisp! If they don’t already have one, they have probably heard of it and have wanted one. So, this gift will be a pleasant surprise that they will appreciate for years to come!


Thanks so much for checking out my post! This is part 1 of my Christmas Gift Series! Follow my blog for more Gift Ideas! Coming soon.

I’d love to know what your favorite ideas in this list were and what gifts you’re thinking of giving out this year in the comments!

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